Hardware platforms

This is a list of categorised resources for the sustainable energy sector

Hardware platforms

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IoT & Smart buildings

Smart home, energy monitors integrated with other stuff

  • MyEnergi developing green products for home and business, recently awarded a BEIS contract for domestic DSR source: the energyst
  • Home Connect is the iot very proprietary platform by Bosch, device management and optimisation with a set of selected partners
  • Hive smart home device range, started with thermostat, bought by Centrica / British Gas
  • Nest notoriously bought by Google, started as thermostat only, progressively expanded to smart home
  • Develco Denmark based, gateway, controlled socket, relays, pass through, sensors. All Zigbee connected, quite amazing
  • Lightwave rf controlled and connected power sockets, switches, sensors, radiator valves. They claim to do energy monitoring, but haven’t found anything on website.
  • Netatmo smart thermostat, air quality monitor, smoke detector, radiator valves, indoor / outdoor camera
  • Gridduck UK based cloud energy management platform with devices developed on top of Develco (see above). Listed for winning 360k in funding for gamification of EV charging in the south-korea collaboration, link founder and CEO is Gregor
  • Asema is a smart-energy iot platform with sensors and dashboards, not sure it’s on the market already. They also have an open API
  • Innovelec custom design and implementation of IoT solutions mainly in UK
  • Tridium owned by Honeywell International deleoping IoT for business applications, creators of the Niagara framework that also has a marketplace
  • Syscom is a Centrica company that creates tailored and custom-made solutions in the engineering, software, commissioning and maintenance of Building Energy Management Systems. Manufacturer of a wireless meter
  • Control 4 is one of the leading home automation systems with plenty of upscale different devices. Quite new to energy efficiency though, worth a check
  • 75f is a IoT smart HVAC solution makes commercial buildings more comfortable and energy efficient. Funded by breakthrough energy ventures
  • EcoSync Energy have created a cloud-based platform for existing building technologies like the room booking system and heating control to synchronise and communicate so as to provide heating for occupied areas only.
  • Guru Systems improves the performance of heat networks, their technology is for people who want to deliver and operate heat networks

Smart Thermostats

Energy monitors / controllers

  • kiwipowered a circuit breaker with monitor functionality, mainly for industrial clients
  • efergy wire clamps, controlled sockets, webapp
  • sense wire clamps, installed in the fuse box
  • geotogether wire clamps, controlled sockets, thermostats, solar (mentioned in the solar/battery section by Ikea, indicates when to switch on/off appliances), consumer + business
  • smappee wire clamps, webapp, claims to disaggregate by appliance
  • neur.io wire clamps, webapp, solar
  • Open energy monitor Open source home energy / solar / heat pump / EV charging monitor with their CMS emocms
  • rialtocomfort wire clamps, thermostats, webapp
  • watty Monitor, mainly a mobile app? Based in Sweden, Not sure how it works
  • voltaware Energy monitor, very rudimental website, not clear if they have a device

Low level Sensors, Circuits, Relays, etc.

Batteries / static storage

  • eCamion was founded on the principle of providing green energy to support the future needs of a growing population and offering new solutions for Utilities, Automotive, Mining, Renewables and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.
  • Pivot Power London + Oxford based big battery storage projects for EV charging and large residential / commercial developments connected directly to the transmission system.
  • Blue planet energy Hawaii based storage for residential
  • Connected Energy, based in Newcastle, UK. Recycling EV batteries but for commercial and industrial
  • Reluce li-ion capacitors 120kW to 2.5MW
  • PowerVault London based, batteries for residential, recycling EV batteries
  • FIAMM Italian battery company, part of the Hitachi group, historically for vehicles, now shifting towards other markets
  • PowerFlow
  • Volts battery, Finland based for residential
  • Moixa UK’s leading smart battery company, that offers integrated hardware and GridShare™ software, for renewable energy management.
  • Sonnen German company, been recently (Feb 19) bought by Shell in the news
  • Tesla powerwall
  • Power Blox based in Zurich, working on projects for Africa / developing countries, CTO and Co-Founder is Alessandro Medici
  • Nant energy Zinc batteries aiming 100$/kwh has been recently featured in NY times
  • PowerTech Systems is a French company focussed on Lithium-Ion storage market and associated technologies. Specialized in design and engineering high performance Lithium batteries (> 1KW) covering a large application spectrum
  • Electrovaya was founded in 1996 as a research and development company focused on Lithium ion technologies and manufacturing processes. In 2000, the company was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:EFL) and over the years has delivered projects for specialized applications in the aerospace, automotive and personal electronics segments.
  • Northvolt, Stockholm based
  • RedT vanadium flow batteries for industrial & commercial use
  • Hycube based in Germany, residential and commercial



  • S&C found it hard to place this, hence a new “microgrid” sub-section. They build hardware + software and provide consultancy services for implementation of microgrids, quite big US based